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Warmest Greetings from GoExperience Indonesia Tours Medan !

It is an honor for us as one of the new travel agents to provide the best service to all the guests of our great wholeseller.

Our Mission is to give an impression with happiness. With the motto "Give the best, Serve with sincerity", We try our hard work to provide the best service & sincerity in serving all what you need so as to give the impression of happiness that we cannot forget.
The following is our Top Priority for our customers, suppliers, and agents.
- Speed Action / Response : Fast & Responsive to give package prices, questions about packages, or if there are complaints from guests.
- Best Deal Price : Give the best and competitive price according to your budget.
- Innovative Package : Always provide innovative and growing packages.
- Submission of Package Content : Deliver / present / distribute the contents of the package to guests well, so that guests understand / accept what is in the package we have.
- Professionalism : Carry out job responsibilities professionally, classically, innovatively, ethically and with integrity.

In operated 23 August 2017, We have provided the network covering Medan, Banda Aceh-Sabang, Pekan Baru, Padang-Bukittinggi, Palembang, Jakarta, Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok, Pontianak, Makassar, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangkok, etc.

We also provide high quality priorities such as Recommended Hotels / Accommodations, Halal Foods, Clean and Good Transportation, Friendly Drivers and Tour Guides are professional and experienced.

GoExperience Tours can also arrange your Meeting Event, Group Incentive, and Team Building.

Best Regards,

Eko Persadanta G./Mr.
GoExperience Indonesia Tours
Jl. Permai Gg. Selamat No. 7, Medan 20236
North Sumatera, Indonesia
Phone : +62811-610-5454
Mobile : +62852-9799-0954 (Whatsapp)
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NPWP : 82.758.266.9-1113.000
TDUP/SIUP : 0331 /0408/1.4/0806/11/2017
TDP No. : 4591 /11/2017
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